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Can someone explain to me this post, where the blogger complains about the "John Green thing" of "the obnoxious culture hes pioneered. the 500 days of summer thing, the hazy acoustic soundtracks , the preoccupation w/ sayingn stuff like 'im sorry im so fucked up' or 'there are no happily ever afters'"

I can't for the life of me figure out Green's connection with 500 Days of Summer except in a retroactive sense -- in 2012 he wrote a screenplay with the duo who wrote 500DoS, but that doesn't mean he "pioneered" the wispy manic pixie dream girl despondency the blogger is referring to. But 12K likes on that post means there's something here I am not getting.
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This picture of closed captioning using the name Zooey Deschanel instead of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can be easily explained: The transcriber has a macro or shortcut for "Zooey Deschanel," probably "zd," and accidentally typed "zd" instead of "dz," the first two letters of the bomber's name.


Source: Don't panic, I'm a transcriptionist.
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Relevant to interests:

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Because I almost lost She Blogged By Night, my blog archives and Google account from these shenanigans, I want to write this down in a public post.

About August 14, a post of mine on, a Neil Diamond fan group, was deleted. I post there as Stacia71. My post wasn't anything controversial, though I did tell a "big name fan" she didn't need to be rude to those who disagreed with her. A moderator eventually said my post was not deleted. Because another post by a guy named BigRich was also missing, I decided to chalk it up to a possible glitch and move on.

Two days later, my YouTube account (stacia99) was suspended for "abuse." Someone had reported a Neil Diamond video on my account as breaking some unspecified rule. I had only two videos, TCM Remembers 2011 and Neil Diamond on Leno; nothing was said about the TCM video. YouTube/Google sent a standard form email saying I was at risk for losing all Google services for "abuse violations" (I believe that was the phrase). Fortunately, deleting the Neil Diamond video completely resolved the situation. Note that this was not a copyright infringement complaint, but abuse, albeit unspecified in the form email, and the video had been up eight months before anyone complained of "abuse."

Two weeks later, on Sept 6, my blog at was attacked by someone doing a brute force hack. They managed to change my header through a security hole but could not log in. They were repeatedly trying manual password attempts, not using a script. After several hours, my webhost blocked the two IP addresses which were trying to hack in.

Tonight I discovered a very odd poster by the name of betty.pod, who posts to, has a variety of random IPs. Two of her IPs, (seen here) (ETA: this link is already gone because the post was deleted) and (seen here) are the exact same two that tried to hack into my blog on September 6.

One or even two of these things would be dismissed as coincidence, but three? Hardly.

First, I believe betty.pod is a sockpuppet or a troll. She clearly uses proxies (IPs are publicly logged on IAIS) and is often baiting people with cryptic posts. Whoever it is, I think there is a significant chance they have a "regular" account on IAIS and are using betty.pod for shenanigans.

Also, I don't think the hacking, "abuse" report or deleted post were because of anything I wrote on SBBN, since nothing about Diamond has been posted since January. My guess is that there was anger and/or repercussions because of "big name fans" who were upset at the oh-so-controversial comments I made on, things like "I'm not sure Neil Diamond writes all of his tweets" and "he shies away from politics".

Yeah, wow, I'm a real rebel posting that stuff. It's a wonder they let me on the internet.

Those are actual examples of things I said which caused certain fans to get upset, which shows how high-strung some Neil Diamond fans are. If you ever read Fandom Wank, you know how cliquish fans in ANY fandom can be, with very strange ideas of loyalty. That's why I think it is very possible that I am looking at two or three people acting out rather than one person with a dedicated attempt to screw up my online accounts.

So I'm posting this publicly in case my email or website go down, as a record of what I believe is going on and in case things escalate. Also, as a notice to anyone listening that I will go public if I find out you're fucking with me.
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An addendum to my ponderings as to whether Wil Wheaton was the guy who was rude to me when I tried to comment on his blog back in about 2004: I was looking up the date his blog started (still don't know the exact date) and was reminded that he used to live in Topeka. Odd that when I explained I could only get PeoplePC as a dial-up for internet because I lived on the outskirts of Manhattan, KS, the person who I thought was Wheaton implied I just needed to get out of the sticks. That doesn't sound like Wheaton at all.

I've pretty much convinced myself that Wheaton wasn't the guy emailing me. It must have been a volunteer, friend, webmaster, something. All these years, angry at Wil Wheaton and now I suspect it was never him at all. Sigh.

Anyway, Eddie's been raving about The Big Bang Theory, so I think we'll start renting that from Netflix for something to watch after dinner.
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On another journal a couple days ago, discussion about Jessica Ennis being labeled "fat" spawned a comment where someone stated that the British "may not actually be the biggest fat bigots in the world, but they're really keen to stay in the competition."

Two people were very upset by this, both seeming to think the person who made the comment was the real bigot. That surprised me, and I didn't understand it at all, since it seemed like the comment was snark and there are a multitude of examples of British tabloids, comments, media, advertising, etc. being fatphobic and body shaming women of any size.

Tonight I realized that I read "fat bigots" as "bigoted against fat people," i.e. the British have fat haters, fatphobes, etc. But I suspect at least one person read it as "the Brits are all bigots who happen to be fat," and that we were all arguing with each other without realizing there was a semantics problem.

I'm not certain that's what happened, but I think it is. I believe the original commenter meant "fat haters" but I can see that, through both their reputation and the wording in this specific instance, it could be taken otherwise.

Once I realized this, I wanted to say something to try to clear the air -- the one person I responded to in the thread has made it clear they don't want to be reminded I even exist because they hate me now that I somewhat defended the original commenter. So instead of responding on the journal where this happened, I'm just gonna post this publicly, no links to the original comment, and with comments here turned off. It makes me feel better, at least, and will hopefully not cause drama.
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Looks like I have a bunch of Dreamwidth invite codes. If you want one, comment. I have comments screened on this post.

(Not sure that anyone already on DW needs a code, but I crossposted over here anyway.)
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Because of the DDOS attacks on LJ, I'm going to be posting to both agent_mimi on LJ and technoknob on DW.

I have 4 DW invite codes if anyone wants them. They are from a year and a half ago, but I don't think they expire.

Of course, I can always be found on She Blogged By Night, where you can post to any entry and it will be sent to both my email addresses. (Note: If you want your post on SBBN screened, post on an older entry because anything over 7 days old is automatically moderated. Then just tell me in the comment that you don't want it approved for publication.)

And finally, if SBBN is down, try the backup blog here.
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Oh, and by the way, I now have 2 invite codes for Dreamwidth. If you want one let me know: people I know on Le Internet get priority, and among them it's first come first served.
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This is just a placeholder for now.


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